Laser Shot

Lasershot is an activity that is suitable for everyone, Pistol Shooting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Target Shooting and all types Game Shooting can be simulated onto an 8' x 8' projector screen giving a wide range of challenges and disciplines. The shot pattern can be displayed onto the screen to show you where you have missed the targets, and our instructors will give you professional tips to enable you to be more consistent.

The Surround sound system echo’s the shots and the flights of the birds adding to the reality of the system. We have had regular Clay Pigeon / Game shooters use laser shot who have said it is the nearest you will get to the real thing, unlike laser Clay Shooting you have to give the targets on the screen the correct amount of lead to shoot them, so it becomes more challenging and much more rewarding when you do well.

Laser Shot can be set up almost anywhere; it is ideal for a small conference room or even an outside barn. If your event needs to be located outdoors we can set up a black out tent to help the shooters be able to see the screen.

If you are unsure that you have the required space, please give us a call and allow us to advise.

Dimensions:  10'W x 12'L x 15"H

Power Requirements: 1 110 20amp standard circuit.